March 11-12 Practices

UPDATED! Practices this weekend. Sorry for the delay, I was locked out of my car for an hour after getting these times set tonight. Please note the day of your practice.

4/5 Aaron Hutchins OFF
8th (white) Aaron Hutchins 11-12:30 Orono middle SATURDAY
8th (maroon) 11-12:30 Orono Middle School SATURDAY (Michaud, Smith, Paradis, Hamel, Clark…)
9th (white) Nate Case 4-5:30 Hermon Elem School SUNDAY
9th (maroon) 1-2:30 Hermon Elem School SUNDAY (Crane, Brown, Carter, Tozer, Ellis, Noyes, Glidden, Albert, Magoon, Emerson)
10th Marter 1:15-3 Old Town YMCA SUNDAY
11th and 12th boys ALL 2:30-4 Hermon Elem School SUNDAY

3/4, 5/6, 7th girls 2:30-4 Orono Middle School SATURDAY
8th Kirsten Marter 1-2:30 Old Town YMCA SATURDAY
9th, 10/11 1-2:30 Orono Middle School SATURDAY